Cheat Sheet: the five sweet spots


1. Full Swing Sweet Track: the most effective swing pattern and trajectory to deliver the perfect hit.

The perfect tennis swing is both linear and rotating. It’s one of those unique experiences that an athlete has to be able to see and feel to adjust. Until the SWEETSPOTTER, it was an impossible motion to mimic, let alone correct. The momentum of the SWEETSPOTTER head weight, however, helps you deliver a full swing every time and feel where an adjustment is needed to achieve the right swing and trajectory.


2. Posture Sweet Spot: the ideal upright posture to hit the ball for optimal performance.

If you tilt forward or backwards while hitting the ball, you will not be able to make contact with it. The SWEETSPOTTER makes it clear when your posture is off for easy adjustment.


3. Strike Zone Sweet Spot:
the area where your swing delivers the largest amount of kinetic energy to the ball.

If your strike zone is too low, the ball will pop up and fly. If your strike zone is too high, the ball will nose dive into the ground. The SWEETSPOTTER gives live feedback so you can adjust as you play for instant improvement!


4. Contact point sweet spot: the ideal location where your body transfers the most compact rotational energy into the ball.

If you strike the ball too far in front, the ball will unnaturally veer across the front of your body. If you strike it too far behind you the ball will stray outward and away from your body. The SWEETSPOTTER indicates if you are hitting at the correct contact point, accentuating if your contact is too far in front or behind so you can quickly correct your contact point.


5. Racquet Head Sweet Spot: the softball-size zone on your racket head traditionally known as the "sweet spot.” This is where the ball should make contact for the best shot possible.

The SWEETSPOTTER is the same circumference as this zone on the racquet. You will immediately know if you make contact in this critical zone thanks to a crisp and loud "PING" sound, similar to a golf driver. This auditory feedback is addictive and so fun!