the story

How the Sweetspotter came to be.

We designed the SWEETSPOTTER with one goal in mind: cut the time it takes a player to reach full potential in half.

Our team tried different devices and exercises to strengthen the elements of a player’s game. None worked as well as we had in mind. The unlock was when a player left her softball bat on the court and our head coach, Yann Auzoux, a former Davis Cup player, got curious. He tried serving with the bat and realized it was closer to what we’d been looking for than other tools. The swing mimicked a tennis racquet but the narrow head was unforgiving—a slight shift in posture or contact showed up immediately. We experimented with different designs to get the right weight and balance for tennis and created the SWEETSPOTTER—a single training device that strengthens all five, key elements of tennis.


+ Technical: Everything that makes your shot selection sound, fluid, and effortless.

+ Tactical: The strategic choices you make to build, control, and win points.

+ Physical: The fitness and strength requirements necessary to outperform your opponents.

+ Mental: The IQ and psychological fortitude that helps you cope and break through.

+ Creative: The think-outside-the-box mentality and flexibility that helps you try new tricks.

SWEETSPOTTER is designed to work on all five elements, building your confidence, strength and on-court intuition.

+Technical: the SWEETSPOTTER aligns your posture, point of contact, strike zone, racket head, and full swing for an effortless stroke. Your hand eye coordination will reach a pinnacle.

+Tactical: You will intuitively begin to understand the limits of each shot and their range, a necessary first step for mastering tactical shot selection.

+Physical: Because of its weight, the SWEETSPOTTER builds your strength while cleaning up your game. Think of it as working out intensely with the proper form all the time. You’ll activate your tennis muscles with instant ball feedback.

+Mental: Working out with the SWEETSPOTTER requires a lot of focus and discipline. The payoff is added mental focus in matches, a critical component of winning.

+Creative: The SWEETSPOTTER builds confidence and with that comes added creativity on the courts.


Will you finally enter your optimal zone?

No One Likes to Improve Slowly and Neither Should You!