The smoothest swing pattern and the most effective trajectory your racket must travel to deliver the perfect hit. Due to the head weight of the Sweet Spotter and the momentum that it generates, it naturally promotes the full finish of the swing every time.

The perfect tennis swing is a unique extended rotational and linear accelerated curvy motion. Until the advent of the Sweet Spotter® it was impossible to replicate and correct simultaneously in a fully accelerated motion. You either had to swing without hitting a ball in order to make small adjustments without contact sensations, or swing at the ball with the risk of missing the perfect motion pattern altogether. After testing myriad products, our team concluded that while some products addressed an individual aspect of the swing pattern, no product addressed the real action-correction aspect of swing adjustment. Even hooking yourself up to a computer with cameras reviewing your moves was insufficiently helpful. It was expensive, and did not address the principal problem: if you cannot see or feel it, you cannot fix it! No products permitted real live ball striking and footwork adjustments with instant improvement assessment of all five essential tennis sweet spots. The Sweet Spotter® excels in technical correction, and helps you deliver the O-Zone hit every time.  If you hit the ball using the Sweet Spotter® you will FEEL what’s off and FIX it instantly!