In this before and after video, you will see how after 5 minutes of using the SweetSpotter on her backhand side, Lilly intuitively adjusts her footwork and positioning to hit a more aggressive ball.

Concentrating on the Optimal Zone brings an added bonus: your footwork begins to adjust to place your body in the Ultimate Sweet Spot position every time you make contact. During game play, footwork tends to get sloppy as we let today’s technology make up for our lack of discipline. The Sweet Spotter® will force you to train in the O-zone, and your feet will have to follow! You will need to use discipline to keep your footwork clean to engage effectively in the O-zone on a consistent basis, and the Sweet Spotter® trains you to perform this way effortlessly. Training in the O-zone gives you footwork, focus, hand-eye coordination, and ball-contact coordination. Magnified depth perception will also help you improve your technique, engaging all the footwork stabilizing muscles necessary to deliver the best shots time and time again. Get ready to show off your fancy footwork because the Sweet Spot® will give it to you!