the story

How the Sweetspotter came to be.

When we set out to develop the SweetSpotter, we wanted to design a device that would completely shatter the lengthy development curve of a tennis player. We looked at tennis devices on the market as well as popular exercises that most coaches used to achieve technical mastery and what we found were all singular options that would only address one aspect of a player’s development.

For those of you who do not know, Tennis is typically broken down into 5 Pillars a player must master:

+ Technical: Everything that makes your shot selection sound, fluid, and effortless.

+ Tactical: The strategic choices you make to build, control, and win points.

+ Physical: The fitness and strength requirements necessary to outperform your opponents.

+ Mental: The IQ and psychological fortitude that helps you cope and break through.

+ Creative: The Think-Outside-the-Box mentality and flexibility that helps your try new tricks.

You have officially mastered the game when you achieve CONVERGENCE (All 5 pillars work in concert). 

While these pillars might seem daunting to you if addressed individually, there is a new way to train that improves them all at once:

The SweetSpotter Way!


We created the SweetSpotter to be the ONLY corrective device that addresses all 5 pillars.

+ Technical: While working with the Sweet Spotter, you will intuitively connect with all the technical requirements necessary to hit perfectly.  You will master technical comprehension and correct all your postural, point of contact, strike zone, racket head, and full swing flaws. Your hand eye coordination will reach a pinnacle.

+ Tactical: You will intuitively begin to understand the limitation of each shot and their range.  This is the necessary first step for tactical shot selection mastery.

+ Physical: Because of its weight, the Sweet Spotter is the only device available to you today that works you out physically while cleaning up your game.  Think of it as working out intensely with the proper form all the time. You can finally activate your TENNIS MUSCLES with instant ball feedback.

+ Mental: Working out with the Sweet Spotter requires a lot of focus and discipline. The Sweet Spotter Warriors who stick with it rips incredible benefits in little time. Their mental competency is multiplied.

+ Creative: The Sweet Spotter will add levels of creativity in your practices and preparation you have sought out your entire tennis life.

Will you finally enter your optimal zone?

No One Likes to Improve Slowly and Neither Should You!